Anonymous said: Can you do some more cosplay shoots?

Do you have a particular cosplay in mind?

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Anonymous said: So waht happed to the vid you put up that was hot a little short but hot will you be making a longer one with maybe a strip show in there to?

It got deleted by tumblr apparently I’m not allowed to have “sexually explicit videos” on here *sigh*

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I keep getting requests for toys

I had had soooo many requests about if I am going to use toys or if I can use them in the photos etc.
I would love to but I broke my only good vibe. I have a body wand but that won’t do much either.
If I can save up some money or have a sex toy miraculously appear in my room (a new one as I don’t want diseases) then I will do lots and lots for you all!

Anonymous said: What is your favorite NAUGHTY thing to do?

Sexual things in public. Nothing better than sitting at a restaurant and your partners hands are up your skirt, making you cum over and over again. Or on a train and people think you’re just sitting on your guys lap but your actually riding his cock. ^u^

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